Top Places to Visit in Mizoram

Mizoram is a state in the northeast of India. It shares international borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar. Mizoram is well known for numerous attractions like High hills and breathtaking valley, palaces and forts, architectural memorials, pilgrimage centers and wildlife.

Mizoram, in the local language, means the land of Mizos. Mizo itself means highlander. Under the British administration, Mizoram was known as Lushai Hills district. In 1972, whe it was made into a union territory, it was named Mizoram.

If you'd like to explore beyond Mizoram popular tourist attractions, here are the Best Places to Visit in Mizoram to inspire you!



Tualchang is a line of stone blocks situated near Tualchang village in the eastern part of Aizawl district, in Mizoram. Tualchang is the biggest monolith of Mizoram. The largest stone is 3 m wide, 1 m thick and 4.5 m high. The best time to visit this place is Through out the year.

Nearest airport is Aizawl. Aizawl is connected to Kolkata and Imphal by air. Nearest railhead is Silchar which is in Assam, 185 km away.

Aizawl is not to far from the sight so you can have a night stay at Aizawl from where you can go for a day trip to the Tualchang sight. You can find all categories of accommodation at Aizawl. Though, the accommodation are not to luxurious, they are good enough to provide you proper comfort and satisfaction.

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Sibuta Lung

Sibuta Lung Sibuta Lung is a memorial stone erected about three hundreds years ago by a tribal chief Sibuta, this memorial stone is named after him. It is located 20 kms from Aizawl in Tachhip village. The memorial Sibuta Lung offer a story of jilted love and lust for revenge. The hardwork done to eract the stone makes it more precious for the people.

It is believed that, Sibuta, was adopted by the chief. Sibuta killed his adoptive father and became the chief. But he failed in his love and was jilted by a girl. Sibuta went mad for revenge and he place a youthful and gorgeous girl, Darlai, of a large ditch on which he wanted to erect a memorial for himself. The huge rock was pulled from the Tlawng river, 10 Km away. The stone was bathed with the blood of three human beings who were sacrificed.

Silchar (Assam) is the closest railway station which is at a distance of 184 km. Adjacent airport is Aizawl and it is well linked to Kolkata and Imphal via air.

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Tomb of Vanhimailian

Tomb of Vanhimailian Around 194 km from Aizawl town in the north eastern state Mizoram, this place is situated in Champai hills. Vanhimailan Sailo was a great chief who ruled over Champhai. A tomb was erected in this memory overlooking the vast Champhai plain. Vanhimailan Sailo was a great leader who constantly fought wars to protect his kingdom and people. The leader is said to be a great warrior and hunter of all times. This historic place provides an amazing view of the Champhai and the plain which lies near the Myanmar border. It is a panoramic view that every one can enjoy.

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Phawngpui Phawngpui also known as Blue Mountain is the highest mountain peak in the northeastern state of Mizoram in India, rising about 2165 m high in Chhimtuipui District. Blue Mountain is located 300 kilometers away from Aizawl, lying adjacent to Maynmar. The Peak gives some of the best adventure trekking tour options.

The area is protected as one of the two national parks in Mizoram, covering an area of 50 square kilometers. This place is blessed with perfect and attractive view during evening specially the blue haze hills. Nearest airport is Aizawl. Aizawl is connected to Kolkata and Imphal by air. Nearest railhead is Silchar which is in Assam (185 km away).

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Mangkahia Lung

Mangkahia Lung of Mizoram Mangkahia Lung is located at Champhai in Aizawl district of Mizoram India. Mangkahia Lung is a very large memorial stone also called Mangkhaia’s stone which was erected in the memory of Mangkhaia in 1700 AD. Mangkhaia was a very prominent chief of the Ralte tribe. Mangkahia Lung stone is 5 m far above the ground with skulls of mithun (the animal found in the northeast India) imprinted on it.

Nearest airport is Aizawl and it is well linked to Kolkata and Imphal via air. Nearest railhead is Silchar (Assam) which is at a distance of 184 km.

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Lungvandawt Lungvandawt, literally meaning 'a stone reaching heaven', is a tall chiseled pillar made of stone. A very tall beautiful chiselled pillar made of stone about 75cm in diameter and 3m in height. It is located at a place between Biate and Lungdar in the eastern part of Aizawl district in Mizoram India. The story goes that in ancient times this stone pillar was very tall, almost touching heaven and hence nothing could go in between. Once a peacock squeezed into it and got crumbled into pieces. it appears that this probably was a very tall memorial stone of chief of the Biate tribe who was resident of the area before the Lushais came and defeated the biates who mostly went down to the plains of Cachar to settle there. Nearest airport is Aizawl which is connected to Kolkata and Imphal by air and nearest railhead is Silchar which is in Assam ( 185 km away).

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Vantawng Falls

Vantawng Falls Vantawng Falls is also called Vantawng Khawhthla in Mizo language are located about 137 KMs from Aizawl and 5 kms from the village of Thenzawl in Serchhip district. Its the tallest or highest fall in mizoram. The place itself is rugged and has a great view of valley. Vantawng Khawhthla Waterfall is surrounded by lush green tropical forests filled with bamboo groves. It's one of the few waterfalls in the world that's got a cave behind the fall. The cave let's people with amateur trekking knowledge enter in. The tree inside the cave can be climbed. Best month for travel is Sep-Oct when water is in full flow.

Nearest major airport is Shillong and the nearest rail station is in Silchar, which is 335 kilometers away from Vantawang.

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Dampa Sanctuary

Dampa Sanctuary Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Kolasib District of Mizoram in India. The sanctuary lies at a distance of about 130kms from Aizwal, the capital city of Mizoram. Dampa Tiger Reserve cum Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at the junction of the borders of Mizoram, Tripura and Bangladesh. The sanctuary covers a wide area of around 650sq.kms, which is very rich in natural vegetation cover. It is the largest and oldest wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram formed in 1976 and declared as Tiger Reserve in 1994.

November to February is the best month to visit Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary. The rainy season should be avoided as the forest is heavily drained by the seasonal showers.

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